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Kashina Gora

Granite Kashina Gora is one of the most beautiful, high-quality and popular facing stones in Karelia. The Kashina Gora deposit is a dark granite with a dark gray background and rich brown streaks and veins. The quarry is located in the Pudozh region of the Republic of Karelia.

Granite Kashina Gora has high physical and mechanical characteristics, which guarantee the durability of the cladding. It is used in a wide variety of projects, these are facades and basements of buildings and private houses, lobbies of Metro stations, landscaping of squares and squares, facing of fountains.

Physical and mechanical properties:

  • Compressive strength – 150 MPa
  • Abrasion – 0.2 g / sq. cm
  • Frost resistance – 100
  • Volume weight – 2650 kg / cubic meter.
  • Radiation characteristic – 1st class
  • Effective specific activity – 188 Bq / kg