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Polishing and heat treatment

If the order specifies polished products, then after edging the workpieces are moved to polishing. Polishing is carried out on knee-lever machines (columns), using special diamond end mills. In our production we use a manual knee-lever polishing machine MS-2600 (made in China, Wanlong company) in the amount of 5 pcs. Our polishers achieve the most glossy surface possible. The quality of polishing is controlled using a gloss meter (readings at least 100 units). It is during polishing that microcracks and other flaws in the product are revealed. Polishing is the next stage of the multi-stage quality control of products manufactured at our plant. Stone polishing to an exceptional uniform mirror shine is the hallmark of our company. Before packing the products, the polishing quality of each product is checked by a responsible employee.

If necessary, our plant produces products with a heat-treated surface. Heat treatment is carried out by a specialist in compliance with all safety standards and compliance with the technology of firing stone products.