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Dymovsky granite

Dymovsky granite is mined in the Leningrad region at the Dymovsky (Baltic) deposit. It has a medium-grained structure and a non-uniform brown-burgundy color with light interspersed with crystals.

Due to its high wear resistance and excellent decorative qualities, this granite is very popular in the Russian market. It is often used for facing stairs, steps, paving roads with slabs and paving stones.

This grade of granite is perfectly subject to any kind of processing – polishing, heat treatment, polishing.

Physical and mechanical properties:

  • Average density, kg / m3: 2829
  • Compressive strength, MPa: 160
  • Water absorption,%: 0.10
  • Frost resistance, F: 100
  • Abrasion, g / cm2: 0.17
  • Porosity,%: 1.7
  • Radioactivity, class: 1