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Gabbro-diabase is a full-crystalline fine-grained volcanic rock, chemically and in mineral composition close to basalt. Diabase is characterized by a relatively low content of silica (45-52%). Diabase is dark gray or greenish black in color. The structure is diabase (ophitic); formed by randomly arranged elongated plagioclase crystals, the gaps between which are filled with augite. Gabbro-diabase has a deep dark gray, almost black, color with minor impregnations of light minerals, a rich black color is achieved by polishing the surface, does not lend itself to abrasion, has strength and low radioactivity.

Physical and mechanical properties of gabbro-diabases of Karelia

  • Density – 3.07 g / cm3
  • Compressive strength grade – 1400 kg / cm2
  • Water absorption – 0.1%
  • Frost resistance – 300 cycles
  • Abrasion – 0.07 g / cm2 I1
  • Radioactivity – up to 74 becquerel / kg