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Green pyroxenite (Buntina Hill)

The breed has a rare dark green or brownish-green color with pseudo-irrigation in bronze in golden tones, in terms of decorativeness it belongs to the rocks of the 2nd class. Crystals of large and medium sizes have an oblong shape and are multidirectional, which, with different cutting directions, different surface treatments, including the combination of processing types, creates many variations in color saturation and relief depth. The breed is easily processed and polished to a mirror finish.

It is used in the production of ritual items. In external cladding for facades, steps, portals, etc .; For interior cladding: walls, stairs, floors, including bathrooms and kitchens.

Physical and mechanical properties:

  • Average density, kg / m3: 3062
  • Compressive strength, MPa: 99
  • Water absorption,%: 0.12
  • Frost resistance, F: 100
  • Abrasion, g / cm2: 0.35
  • Porosity,%: 1.2
  • Radioactivity, class: 1