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Garnet amphibolite

Polychrome color (alternating stripes of black with white specks, white and black-red), structure from fine to medium-grained, texture is massive, banded, spotted, platy. Within the boundaries of one mountain range, a subspecies of garnet amphibolite “Ice Tundra” is mined, it is distinguished by a large inclusion of white minerals.

It works well and lends itself to polishing, and due to its unique color and texture it has become a very popular material for finishing work and interior solutions. It is also widely used in the ritual sphere. It has no analogues.

Physical and mechanical properties:

  • Average density, kg / m3: 2956
  • Compressive strength, MPa: 135
  • Water absorption,%: 0.23
  • Frost resistance, F: 100
  • Abrasion, g / cm2: 0.41
  • Porosity,%: 0.41
  • Radioactivity, class: 1